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Saving Money On My Medical Condition

When you have a chronic illness, it can take a big bite out of your bank account. In addition to footing the bill for medical deductibles and prescriptions, you might also find yourself renting medical supplies or paying for testing kits. I have a terminal medical condition, and you wouldn't believe the amount of money I have spent on medical services over the years. However, a few years ago I learned how to save money, and I want to teach you the same things. My blog talks about how to save money on everything from simple medications to trips to the doctor's office.

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Compare Different CPAP Machines By Assessing These Details

When you start to shop for a CPAP machine that will help you to combat your sleep apnea symptoms overnight, you'll find a number of different machines on the market. Visiting a reputable medical equipment supplier will give you the opportunity to talk to a knowledgeable salesperson who can introduce you to a few different machines and help you to choose the one that will be best for you. While factors such as price will play into your decision, it's a good idea to compare a few CPAP machines by assessing the following details.

Noise Level

A salesperson at your local medical equipment supplier should be able to give you information about the noise level of each machine you're considering. When you're sleeping, you want a machine that will operate extremely quietly. If you've already been experiencing numerous sleep challenges, the last thing that you'd want is to be aware of the sound of a machine running nearby. While most CPAP machines run quietly, they each operate at different decibel levels. Choosing the machine that is most quiet will help you to sleep soundly.


You might not immediately think about assessing the weight of a few different CPAP machines, but this is something that should be on your mind. The weight of your machine will especially be important if you're a frequent traveler. You'll want to take the machine and its various accessories with you whenever you plan to sleep away from home, and a machine that is lighter in weight will be easier to carry. A salesperson should be able to give you an exact weight for each of the CPAP machines that you're considering, but you can also simply pick up a few models to note which feels the lightest.

Power Source

You'll also want to assess the power source for each CPAP machine that you're thinking about. There are a few different options on the market. For example, you'll find that you can plug some machines into a nearby wall outlet, while other machines operate by battery. There are even machines that can draw power from both sources. This can mean that if you have the machine plugged into the wall and your home suffers an overnight power outage, the machine will automatically start to draw power from the battery so that it doesn't stop running. Considering each of these topics will help you to buy the right CPAP machine to help with your sleep apnea.