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Saving Money On My Medical Condition

When you have a chronic illness, it can take a big bite out of your bank account. In addition to footing the bill for medical deductibles and prescriptions, you might also find yourself renting medical supplies or paying for testing kits. I have a terminal medical condition, and you wouldn't believe the amount of money I have spent on medical services over the years. However, a few years ago I learned how to save money, and I want to teach you the same things. My blog talks about how to save money on everything from simple medications to trips to the doctor's office.

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Ensure Your Day At Disney Is Still On: Renting Powerchairs From Outside Companies

The Magic Kingdom is lots of fun for everyone, but if you have mobility issues that would prevent you from doing all the walking required to get around the park, you are in luck because Disneyland rents wheelchairs and electric conveyance vehicles, or powerchairs. However, their rentals are on a first-come-first-served basis, which means after you get through all those lines, you might not be able to get a chair from the park. That would leave you to stick close to seating while the rest of your friends or family roamed the park.

That's not fun, but there is a way around it. Disney allows patrons to bring in their own wheelchairs and vehicles, of course, so you can rent one outside the park and bring it in. If you will need a chair in order to get around Disneyland, go to a chair rental company outside the park, rent a chair for a couple of days (so that you don't have to rush back to return in when you're exhausted after the trip to the park), and enjoy all the sights and sounds of one of the most famous amusement parks in the country.

Why Rent Outside?

There's no sense in getting to the park, finding a spot in the massive parking lot, and braving the admission lines only to find there are no more chairs available. Maybe if you go on an off day when crowds aren't too bad, you'll get a chair, but if weekends or a day during the summer are your only options, you risk not getting a chair at the park. If you rent at a store outside the park, you'll have a chair ready to go.

Why Get a Powerchair Instead of Just Taking a Lot of Breaks?

You could just arrange your day so that you get to sit down a lot as you move through the park, but that is very limiting. If you're going to the park with kids, those kids are not going to want to wait. If you're with other adults, your day at the park will be limited severely because sitting down to rest takes time -- and you can't do it in line for the rides.

Disneyland's Requirements

One very good thing about stores that cater to those heading to Disneyland is that they know the requirements set by the park. Manually operated wheelchairs can't be more than 350 pounds, and electric conveyance vehicles can't be more than 450 pounds. No one can sit on your lap when you're operating the chair.

Stores that rent powerchairs for the day for those going to Disneyland are easy to find, so arrange for a chair now so you can enjoy your trip. Contact a company like One Stop Mobility for more information and assistance.